Selected track folder change feature


I would like to propose the following feature for Denon SC5000/M units.

I would like that when searching for a track and loading it, there would be the option to change, either automatically, either through the floating window that appears when you hold down the track, in the “folder” line (like a shorcut or link).

This would save a lot of work and time, when browsing continuing and mixing from the folder where the track that was searched for is located.

If someone knows how to do this already, if possible, please let them know.


Hello @jatoro,

What exactly You want to change? Can You explain it a bit Better, please?

Hi @NoiseRiser, good morning.

I am very sorry that I cannot explain myself as well as I would like. My original language is not English and I have to help myself with Google translator.

I’ll try again: Well, the starting point is 2 Denon SC5000M units. In one of them I have a 256GB SD card that I share with the second unit through a network cable.

In this card I have a folder structure (managed with Denon Engine v1.5, logically), which, in turn, each folder has subfolders, even 3 levels.

Most of the times I don’t remember which folder I have a track, but I do know the name and I look for it, but I also know that in the folder where that track is located, for example “Trance June 2020” I have many more highly rated tracks with which I want to continue mixing.

I would like to be able to change, somehow, to the folder where the track located with the magnifying glass was located, either automatically when selecting it to load in the Deck, or through the window with expanded track information (that appeared by holding your finger on the track), clicking on the “DIRECTORY” line.

Attachment capture:

I hope I have explained something better.

Thank you. Regards.

Do you mean that if you’re playing a track which you located by browsing to folderA / folder 7 / folder John … that the other deck is automatically or magically in that same folder when you start browsing on another deck or layer ?

If this is what you mean, I’d like to extend the idea to EVERY search, not just old folder browsing. So if I’ve used one deck to search and filter for songs around 130bpm , with a key of B2, featuring the word “gone” then those same results are what I see on the other deck or layer

But maybe that’s not what you meant

Hi @Antchi,

Now you seem to have understood me, with the exception that I do not mean the folder to be changed in the other deck, just in the current deck or layer where the search is being carried out.

Regarding including when relocating in the folder taking other parameters with which it is filtered, it seems to me a wonderful idea, improves my proposal. Although, initially, as I said, for me it was enough a feature (directory link -extended track info-, button combination… ) to change to the folder of the track that is loaded.


So if I get this, You want to sustain the search folder or jump to the folder with the track that You lockated by search, right?

Yes @NoiseRiser, exactly, that is. I would love for the next version of the firmware engine that includes such functionality.