Seen this on Reddit. Any comment?

60% seems bad.

Cross DJ is an android app that costs a fiver and its looking like its better…

Who bases such a potentially interesting test on just 1300 tracks?

That’s not even 40 double CDs

Like a lot of “tests” lol that are offered online, take it all with a bit of a smirk

But the same 1300 songs analysed by a phone app has a higher %. That shouldn’t be happening imo

Faked likely

Probably paid for by the any company who’ he softwares has only good at key detectioning

No one of the professional would use a mobile phone app for real DJ rather than the games

I think the most interesting part of this is that accuracy tops out at 76%, that EP is only 13% off of that, and that EP beats Serato! Clearly key detection is not a solved problem — I’m sure someone can dig up the research papers on that will show the progress in the algorithms over the years.

I think these kinds of rankings can be misleading, too. Is good key detection important? Yes. But super accurate key detection is clearly not a top-line need of most DJs, otherwise Traktor would be beating everybody else in the market. Mixed In Key clearly found their niche, since that software is intended to augment your DJ software with better key detection, not replace the whole feature set.

Beyond the market forces, this comment on Reddit from one of the creators of Mixed in Key is super important context

if you give the same song to 2 human musicians, they will agree with each other 75% of the time. If you give the same song to Mixed In Key and a musician, they will agree with each other 75% of the time too.

If that’s true, 75% is the max accuracy that you can get with key detection! So clearly key detection is not like other things — not like beat grid detection, for instance, which has a much more precise “correctness”.

I think it would be revealing to see what kinds of songs the algorithms are better/worse at, and what their errors are like. If they generally get things wrong by one step in camelot key notation, for instance, then the errors won’t necessarily be a huge deal when mixing. If they’re mistaking a natural key for a sharp, you’re going to have a much bigger issue.

At the end of the day, better key detection would be great of course, but imo the specifics of DJing and key detection mean that these rankings really won’t matter much for most people.

Its not faked, and you can buy a controller for that 99p app that costs about 200 quid and it has all the effects, 8 pads… how i know is I have the app on my phone and its the thing that got me back into djing after a long time out having fallen out of love with it. That particular app is excellent.

You’ve done the thread a disservice by not linking to it proper, I think.

Here’s the thread: Bonus comparison with Beatport:

He goes into detail about his methods and any interesting findings he had.

Mixed In Key is a name that always pops up, it’s well known with its highly accurate key detection, yet all other sources always seem to fall short. Perhaps Denon should look into licensing its algorithm?

Of course, key detection is very difficult, moreso than beat detection, due to how ambiguous it can be, so I’m not too surprised at these results.

I’m also surprised at some of the kneejerk responses on seeing a chart where Denon isn’t #1. Your job as a Denon-using DJ isn’t to defend Denon, it’s to seek the best tool.

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Genuinely all I saw was the graphic…

Ha ha

I’m afraid, That’s the default mode of a particular cohort. Everything is a conspiracy against Denon to them.

If things were up to them, we will still be using Engine Prime 1.0 (2017)

The thing with VDJ is that there are two options for key detection - broad range and electronic.

The article doesn’t mention which setting they used.

Broad range is the one to go for. The electronic setting is only there for “compatibility with VDJ 7” which was highly biased towards minor keys.

It might be the full PC version of Mixvibes Cross. Slightly more expensive but nice software for sure. Undervalued in my personal opinion. I only stopped using it when I got my Prime 4

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Its a decent app, the android one i was surprised by just how powerful it was and it costs so little.

Absolutly. Used their Vinyl DVS for a long time and it worked perfect. And “Cross” was some great step-up for them when “Mixvibes” was discontinued.