Searching Speed

Just received my Prime 4 this week - fantastic looking unit! I have successfully transferred my library to an external HD - 2TB - of which about 1.2TB is used. The library itself consists of about 60000 tracks. Compared to when I was just testing with a few tracks on a USB the speed of the search is quite slow. It takes about 5-8 seconds to show the results. I know in software such as Engine Prime or Rekordbox a search shows the results pretty much straight away, even with a large database.

The HD is connected via the USB and is a Samsung USB3 drive.

I know if i used an SSD the actual Read/Write and loading of tracks would be quicker but would it make the search itself any quicker? Is it the actual unit that processes the search slowly? Also, would a drive in the drive bay be quicker than one connected through the USB in terms of searching? I have no problem in the speed of the load of the tracks, just the search speed.


Several of us came to the preliminary conclusion that it’s about 1 second search time per 10000 tracks.

Aah so that’s about right then. So search speed wouldn’t be any quicker with an SSD really then as it’s just the unit that’s processing it?

Yes. I use an SSD with 10000 tracks in them. Search takes about 1 second.

I think it’s still partly database optimization to make search faster on the units.

The best way to speed is to put a ssd drive inside the Prime 4, or use a fast speef Sd card, which is also very fast, comparing to usb keys.

Speed search is fast. One question, what do you do with 60000 songs ? Whether you prepare your sets you only need 300-500 songs

Thanks for the replies. 60000 is my entire library as I don’t prepare sets beforehand as I could be doing a50th birthday one week, a kids party the next and then one that could require a bit of everything including requests. I am looking to trim this now though as I’ve probably got many duplicates and also Tidal for the requests. Just that I don’t have a large ssd to try it with so was asking before I went out to buy one

I have 70k songs on a Samsung SSD and it takes a while to pull up songs compared to any laptop based dj software.

Maybe it’s the database/indexing as earlier mentioned. I don’t know though …not an IT expert