Searching Playlist Results Showing all Tracks not Just those in Playlist

I’ve just purchased my first Denon Kit (Prime 4) and have set up various playlists and imported them to the hardware. When performing a search for Key aligned tracks to the one that is playing the search result pulls all tracks that are stored on the stick rather than those just in the playlist I’m using. Is this normal or am I missing something here.

Have only been using the new kit for a couple of days so still in the learning curve of understanding how Engine 2.0 works.

It’s the current behavior unfortunately

There is a feature request for it to search only the playlist in focus

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Thanks for the reply, damm the original post on this is 18 months old, seems like such an important feature, surprised this hasn’t been addressed already.


If you look closely, there are also requests from many months old :joy: :joy: :joy:

my guess - development was focused on db overhaul first (which is completed now) before this and other db related goodness such as smart lists, dual sorting (ie sort by multiple parameters like bpm and key) etc

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Let’s hope so because those features are badly needed IMO.