Searching multiple sources

i have a rather large collection +/- 20000 songs and all is fine. BUT i have several usb sticks with specified genres that i have separate from my main collection. Let’s say i have my main collection plugged in on the left player and loaded up and a usb stick plugged and loaded on the right player I can search my main collection on the left player but NOT on the right player and vice versa. why is this ? the players are connected with the provided utp cable. i have to load the same device on both players to be able to search on both units. am i doing anything wrong here ?

At the moment, if the total database size is over 2.4 gb, the one database can’t be seen over the network. This is being looked into for enhancement on a future firmware release.

No not what i mean I will try and explain again I CAN search my big main collection on both players no problem. But i have to load it on the two players (1 hard drive plugged in on the left player) but loaded on the left and right. Searches are possible on the 2 units So if i plug in an extra usb on the right player lets say , and load it there , so now i can search the usb on the right player but NOT my main collection hdd. Other way around is the same on the left player i can search my main hdd but not the usb . Is it not possible to have the two devices loaded on the same time so i can do a global search on all connected devices? Makes life a lot easier☺️

no you can’t search multiple sources at the same time.

You can connect up to 3 sources per player, however you need to select 1 source and the player will then search within that 1 source.

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