Search through ALL connected sources

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? When using the touch screen keyboard to search, i would like the ability to search within ALL connected devices not just the single selected source

  • How will this feature help you and others? If multi sources are connected, then this would avoid selecting & searching through each individual source

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? Not sure

  • Does a workaround currently exist?

  • How often would you use this feature? using multi sources, i’ll use this often

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? not for this suggestion


I would like it like this: Search on other/all media command (USB2, USB1 deck1) when there are no search results on the search in current library.

This way you can search your active library and perform a deeper search action when needed when there are no results available on your active library

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I’d like to see this search feature added to the SC5000 as well.

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I brought the prime 4 to show a friend and this was the one issue he had once he’d plugged his usb in.

“Oh… that doesn’t feel natural” he said.

This and to be able to select sources via the tree bowser instead of the utilities section.


This would help ALOT

Is this sorted out yet

With storage prices being so cheap now, anyone could fit all their hugest library all on one disc for less than $100

Even for DJ hand overs, or “bride handed me a memory chip” that’d be only two devices to search on.

That’s your opinion. If you don’t need it then dont use it. You dont know what I’m working with here. Denon please sort this out makes much sense.

Plenty of other far more pressing and urgent things that need doing way before convenience. Just use a single drive with all your songs on it. No-ones got a song library bigger than what will fit on one drive.

Some please please please suggestions to denon take over 3 and a half years for them to add. Most suggested things never get done. You can’t rely on making a suggestion and it suddenly appearing in the firmware 4 hours afterwards

You do you, I do me. Peace

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While I agreee that there are bigger problems with EngineOS putting all tracks on 1 drive is fatal! I did it and the usual search time is around 20secs with 68k tracks on an internal SSD. I don’t know about others but I can’t work that way

This is my suggestion, it’s just 1 of approx 6/7 I made and if you care to look at the date that I posted this, it was way back in July 2019, while you’re entitled to your opinion, you may want to address your view in a polite manner in future. Denon DJ have supplied multiple source options for a reason, these can all be used simultaneously if needed, every DJ works differently, so please don’t jump in 8 months later with an opinion that just isn’t the answer

I offered the solution of putting it all on one drive as a way of people finding what they were looking for in just one search. And, if you try it, it works. If you put all your tunes on one drive, you only have to do one search.

People are using multiple drives as a way of making searches (each search) faster as the current search seems to take 10 seconds per 40000 tracks on a drive and I agree that sort of dinosaur search time needs DJs to knowing build the search time wisely into their workflow - like don’t change your mind about what you want on all Three spare decks when you’ve only got 10 seconds left of the current track playing.

If you have multiple drives sticking out of a prime like hedgehog spikes, with just 10000 tracks per spike/drive then your search will only take 2 to 3 seconds per drive… so 2.5 seconds for the first drive, 2.5 seconds for the second drive, 2.5 seconds for the 3rd drive and 2.5 seconds for the fourth drive… that’s still 10 seconds plus you’ve got to add in the time taken to change source… call that 2 seconds per change… and you’re up to 3 x 2 seconds (6 seconds) of time spent changing sources between 4 sources. Add that to the 4 x 2.5 seconds (10 secs) of actual searching then you’re up to 16 seconds to search 40000 tracks.

but the more tracks you’re searching the longer the search is going to take, however which way you split the tracks between 1, 2, 3 or 4 drives.

What needs to happen is that when denon have got the really critical, sale losing 3 year old fixes out of the way, is to improve the search speed in general. The current search speed is ridiculously slow - even denons first HD player, the HD2500 rack unit which later came out pretending to be a desk unit in an hs5500 had an incredible fast, near instant search system. However denon are running the search at the moment, they’ve got it wrong. When they’ve got the big stuff fixed then they need to optimise or completely rewrite the search system or redesign the database cause it’s slower than their 25 year old historic models.

I’m using Tidal to find and play tracks that I know are on my hard drive, simply because the streaming service finds the tracks faster than the local storage drive - how f’ing crazy an advert for denon database poor coding is that ?!

So to summarise, people are looking for workarounds as the current search speed, or maybe current databse structure makes snails look fast. But a painfully slow search is a hurdle that any DJ can adjust to in their workflow. It would be great if denon coders could make it faster. But not before they’ve got the longer overdue coding done, done properly, done working and released publicly, not beta, out to us all. When Beatgrid analyse and bpm are up to scratch then I’ll start voting likes at some of these convenience requests

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example (A original / B suggestion)

I believe a simple selection box in the devices table can do the trick. Just select the box of the devices you want to ad to the view of the collection.

You still can do your thing with the devices, but when you go and view the collection you only see the wanted devices instead of the double view.

I think it’s more the database batch handling and speed that’s the issue, with adding this feature, rather than where to show the color ticks.

If a “search all plugged in drives” option is coded in, then the search is going to take longer than searching a single drive. Instead of waiting 10 seconds for search results per drive, we could be waiting 40 seconds if all 4 of the drives have big databases.

Having each of the drives searched in turn, one after the other, in a batch process is only going to remove the time taken to manually swap sources ( about 2 seconds per drive swap in the above post) but it’s still going to take an age to run the query, probably with no way of aborting, so more chance of the search of multiple drives still running when the current track finished and everyone looking at us from the dance floor wondering why the silence.

Separate manual searches would be better for that reason. But denon cmon make the searches faster. Your vintage models did searches instantly and that was two decades ago with only crap processors and pricey memory