Search function more letters!

I’m back again to ask for a improved search function I’ve been using the unit mainly stand alone and this would benefit it alot as organising crates etc only does so much .first letter search still leaves me with 100s of tunes to look through in a few seconds ie a request or a last min idea for a mix ive only had it a couple months and brought it brand new so won’t be selling it anytime soon

It will be nice to have the processing power of a PC at our fingertips packed in a piece of equipment like MCX8000, but given it’s design concept it is not too practical to perform search operations on those screens during a mix. The primary function of MCX8000 is of a controller and the secondary function is of a standalone player, as backup. Keeping large music libraries on USB storage and trying to put things head to head during mixing detracts from the creative part mixing. Having reasonable lenght playlists and folders prepared in advanced offer the possibility to focus on the mix a lot more than spending valuable time searching for a track on the fly. Working with large music libraries requires the aid of a PC, in my opinion. But if Denon considers that a more advanced search function could be implemented into MCX8000 firmware without hindering the smooth operation of the system, why not? There are plenty of DJs outhere doing, more or less, the same thing for some money, but I reserve the right to not be one of the many, but one of the few.

Yeah I get that but even atm we can search by first letter so just a tweak to search by more or just a simple search option on the main menu for the usb drives would bring it in line with the prime series and not make us feel a bit left out😔 lol

We are comparing two very different pieces of equipment from two different classes and the main difference is the processing power. Fast search and index operations requires quite a bit of processing power. Often we expect to be helped more by the equipment, but why not try to help the equipment for a change?

Even just two letters would make world of difference I understand it’s maxed out so even different effects ie a reverb on the mic or combining effects 1&2 wouldn’t be possible but a advanced search option on tracks that have already been prepared seems possible

I understand your point of view, but I believe Denon would have been implemented this feature from the start if it were possible, because it has logic. Until we get a point of view from Denon, we can work with what we have at hand and with our skills and imagination. Many times simplicity is the way to go.

Hopefully because of the now new features being offered by prime as it wasn’t implemented in the first place with original engine software there might be hope as prime is starting to catch up with competitors ,in all fairness I just want denon to change djs minds and by pricing fairly and listening to costumers I think they are in for a home run lol

Right now Denon has signed in for a difficult mission with the concepts they are proposing. Implementing more and more features into a piece of equipment leads to new challenges and sometimes it’s hard to be consistent and even forget what matters most. It is like the Airbus airplanes of today, packed with features and a lot of automation, so much so that some pilots forget how to to fly them.

Completely agree, I too would love this. If multi character search isn’t possible then even making large lists scrollable with the platter would make a huge difference. This is a feature with the HD2500 (of which I own 3) and it makes a world of difference over using the tiny select knob. If it can be done in a unit as old as the 2500 then it can certainly be accomplished in the 8000.

Searching with a one-knob, small screen in a big pile of records has always been a b*tch. Regardless of what brand media-player.

It’s why it’s so important to prep your gigs properly, so the only things you really have to search for are requests, the rest should be in appropriate playlists, which are easier to navigate.

So, I’d say that while waiting for a technical solution, taking a hard look at your gig workflow, especially crate preparation, goes a long way.

Yeah I have them well prepared from using serato but I do private bookings and clubs and do get alot of requests and also I don’t plan on what tunes I’ll put In a new mix ,I’ll have the idea on the go as they say

Absolutely totally agree, searching a large library on the 8000 is a no go the way it sits now without good crates and playlists. Assuming there will still be improvements to come for the 8000 (fingers crossed) just thought it would be nice to implement an improvement in this area and using the platter to spin through large libraries just seems obvious to me.

I have got used to using the single letter search but then I only have 4000 tracks. Would be inconvenient for larger collections.

Seriously can’t see Denon doing any more work on the MCX8000. They are hardly pushing updates out on current products let alone the older ones.

On any type of equipment, used in standalone mode, that doesn’t offer the functionality of a keyboard it will be rather difficult to search large libraries in order to put together something on the fly. Yet, MCX8000 can be connected to a PC and then benefit from the organisational power of it.

I think the kid has been closed on the 8000 developement now. Developed by one company and fixed by another. What it does now is all it’ll ever do, I reckon. I’d be surprised if any new firmware comes out for it now. But I’m always happy to be surprised.

It was/is primarily a stand alone controller by design and that’s probably accounting for 90% of its retail price. The midi control ability probably added less than a few euros to its price.

99,9% sure new firmware will be issues only in case of compatibility issues with either OS’s (damn Apple) or Serato.

You’re forgeting SDJ cost. For every unit manufactured, inMusic pays $200+ to Serato. SDJ licence, addons… you have to pay it through unit cost. Just compare DJM-S3 vs 250mk2 :wink: