Search and history function


Yesterday I was playing with the CDJ Nexus. With this player, you can see the history on the Nexus.

Also the search function is much better. Now with the mcx8000 I can search by shift en the knob for search, to search by letter. But on the Nexus, you can scrol with your fingers through the alphabet. For the second letter of a word, it’s also possible on the Nexus.

Is it possible to get these functions on the mcx8000? We already have a slider for skipping within the song. And how can I see my history?

History function found.

Only question left is the search function.

Well searching with your fingers on the screen won’t happen as the screens are not touch.

So what aspect of the search are you missing as myself I haven’t had an issue with search (although option for year would be nice)

Search on any CDJ(like) unit will always be limited. No touchscreen, no option for usb keyboard. So you are always stuck with the single knob turn and press operation.

1 single NXS(2) costs exactly double the price of an MCX8000, so comparing features is a bit of apples and pears. That said, on the unit as a whole, the MCX8000 offers MORE functionality for actual playing tracks than the NXS2 does!

The best solution (generic for any CD/media player) is to have a really compact core collection and prepare your crates for a gig to contain about double the amount of tracks you would need. This gives you plenty of options to create a plan B if necessary, while still leaving you with a limited number of tracks - preferably set up in (mini)playlists - that can easily be searched/found with the limited search capacities of the unit.

Just my two cents as usual.

Thanks for your answer.

As a wedding dj I get my requests. Most of the time I have to search trough the whole database.

Then a knob this his time. I know what you mean, you can’t have it all.

It’s a real shame that despite the LAN port on the back of the MCX8000 and the feature present in the Engine 1.5, it is not possible to link the unit with software for browsing and loading the songs.

There is a way to do that… it’s called Serato! (tongue in cheek) but really, the best solution is to have very tightly controlled playlists with songs in the order you want etc. Unfortunately, that causes your set to be very repetitive if playing in front of the same crowds. I do love the stand-alone mode but I’ve had to plug my laptop in for Serato on a couple of occasions already.