Search all function save?

Hello, when I click on the small triangle on the P 4 in the search function, my search is always in artist and title. But I want him to always search everything(search all)and save it. Is that possible ?? Thanks !!!

Beside the triangle is the parameters. Key, bpm, date added, name, all…

Hello , Yeeess I know that, but I can save the function Search all ??

How much of your time , at each gig would you save if the search options were saved.

Such a wide search can bring back such a high percentage of unwanted results. Are you wanting the wide search on so many fields because your tags aren’t right yet? Like song title name in the genre field or the album name field etc?

It would be better to sort the tags at source, if that’s the root problem.

This is not a stupid idea actually. I think that Search should remember last selected filters. Not by default all, but just You select Your filters as You want and then the device should remember the selection all time until switch off.

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@NoiseRiser , Yes that’s what I mean, can I save the selected filter until the next switch on ??

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Didn’t seen that function. Maybe make a feature request or search for one if is already created and give it a Like.