SDXC memory card question

The SC5000 can read/write SDHC memory cards. For as far as I know, these cards hold max 32GB. Does the unit also accept the lager capacity SDXC cards?

Does anybody know the reliability between SD-cards and USB-sticks. Which one would you prefer, apart from always having a spare with you.

My guess is Dennon is only going to support SDHC out the gate as there is no SDXC logo on any of the information anywhere. The good news is it is something they could licenses can patch in later down the life of the product.

As for what you should use, in theory since both the SD and USB sticks don’t have any moving parts (like a HDD) they both should have great reliability. With that being said, USB sticks have much better shielding and protective casing so I would stick with that as well. Also providing that the SC5000 are supporting USB 3.0, the USB option will be the fastest option providing you find a stick that can handle the IOPS you throw at it.

My Galaxy Note 4 came out in 2014 and supports 256gb SDXC cards.

You would assume a media player that isn’t released yet would support that standard but you never know …

I think its a licensing thing. The reader is capable of reading the SDXC cards it just needs to be licensed to enable it. But yes, it is a silly thing. Its the same thing on the Nexus.