SD card won't load properly in Engine Prime

I’ve been having continuous problems working with Engine Prime loading tracks that are on my SD card. Three things usually happen.

  1. Nothing visible loads at all and the spinning circle spins endlessly.
  2. Songs load slowly but song grids don’t fully load and spinning circle spins endlessly.
  3. Songs load properly but trying to add songs to card results in an “packing failed” error message.

Also when trying to eject SD card, after about 3 minutes of spinning circle thingy, I get the “Ejecting Denon failed” error message. *Denon is what I named my SD card.

While my SD card is properly formatted and I have loaded tracks to it successfully, I don’t know why working with my SD card is bogging down my system/program.

This is not my only issue with Engine or my Go but I’d at least like to get help here. Any thoughts anyone?

*i can’t even upload an 8 second video as an attachment to this post. File too large.