Scrolls Jumping, Incomplete Search, Keyboard/Search Lag

I’ve got a slightly large collection on my Prime 4 so it takes a lot of flipping around to find my next track. Some times while I’m scrolling the little “updating” notice appears at the top and the scrolling I’ve been doing is lost as it jumps back to the selected track. It would be nice if it didn’t jump randomly while trying to find a song. :wink:

I searched for an album and it didn’t come up. I know it’s there, so I went and found it directly. Long tapped for track info. It shows the album name, listed where the album tag goes. I checked and double checked. I don’t really have problems with anything else so this seems like some kind of bug.

Maybe a question or concern? With a large pile of music when you try to search, on the first tap the keyboard hangs a while. Considering the TIDAL search is smooth as snot and it’s remote… this seems like something that will be ironed out eventually, yes?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I agree, the search function on the P4 should only start when we press enter, that would prevent the keyboard & other things freezing. The way it works now is that it starts searching from the very first letter you type in.

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I sort of agree… Given though this seems like embedded Linux with some kind of database backend it has a feel like either there could be some indexes added and/or some few other optimizations that would clear this up at least mostly. When it’s running like this the delay is going to happen somewhere, waiting until the user presses enter would get you a less frustrating user experience. Partial searches that fire up as you type can be a great time saver when you’re looking at tens of thousands of tracks and have a faulty brain like me and can’t always remember every track or album or every funky spelling variation, with total accuracy.

And it’s just that first keypress. Maybe it would be easier on the hardware to make it require 2 or 3 characters? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think network lan play will be beneficial for huge collections.

** Standard gig - play from curated crate/playlist*

** Wedding and Mobile gigs- Laptop LAN play (or whatever it’s called in Rekordbox and the old Denon software)*

I get the “updating” sign as well on the 5000s and that’s with a 4TB SSD.