scrolling too fast with trackpad

I’ve been using engine prime for a few months now, but I had always used it with a mouse. The other day I tried to use it on my laptop with the track pad, and it is completely unusable for me using the normal two finger scrolling motion. If I slide my fingers a few mm on the trackpad, the track list flies through about 100 songs extremely fast. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am running windows 10 on a surface laptop 3 by the way.

There’s probably a adjustment for the trackpad sensitivity , like 1 swipe down scrolls x lines per swipe

Or, there’s the mouse

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t notice a sensitivity adjustment in the engine prime software… and every other program on my computer scrolls perfectly so I don’t want to change the sensitivity globally and make everything else super slow (if that’s even possible).

Yeah if I use a mouse it works fine. That’s what I’ve been doing as a workaround. I have a feeling Denon didn’t intend for it to be unusable with a trackpad though, so I figured I would ask if anyone else had seen this issue.

Unfortunately I didn’t try any of the older versions of the software on this laptop, so I don’t know if its an issue specifically in 1.5.1 or if it would have been like this the whole time.


This is the exact same experience i have on my Dell XPS and Acer laptop and i have been using Engine Prime for quite some time so there has been no change IMO on that front.

What i need to check is if it is entirely possible to adjust the mouse/trackpad control per app which would make complete sense, as currently using the trackpad is a complete no no.