Scroll bug. Remembering settings bug. External hd bug

  • Beta Build Version: 1.4.0 Latest

  • Computer OS & Build: macOS Catalina latest (also does it on Mojave)

  • Steps to Reproduce: General bugs

  • Expected Result: Being able to scroll the tracks Changing the buffer size and it to remember it Not keep flashing up that my external hd isn’t formatted to exfat(that is plugged in to my USB port and isn’t used for music)

  • Actual Result:

Scrolling the tracks only works half the time Doesn’t remember the buffer size when I’ve changed it.
Can’t stop engine accessing my external hd

  • Reproducibility:

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info:

  • Link to Video Repro:

Catalina is a disaster! why did you install this OSX, Apple blocked the possibility of leaving reviews on the AppStore so that there is no negative review. (It’s Yosemite new generation). Mojave is far superior!

The default tempon memory in Engine Prime is 512MB

Have you authorized the access of Engine Prime in Security and Confidentiality “Accessibility” and in Full access to the disc "?

I produced music too and never had an issue with Catalina. I’ll look at that in a min and see.

Unfortunately, whether users of Serato Dj, Rekordbox, Web designer, video editor, MWM Phase, Rane and many others … do not advise to do this update, despite being said that it is functional! The problems are random depending on the generation of Macbooks. They recommend staying on a safer value like Mojave and that there is no need to update especially when you have something that works perfectly or a little better.

Is your Macbook recent?

It’s a 2019 Mac mini