Screens freezing in stand alone mode and serato

So i’ve had this issue since day 1, The unit freezes up in standalone & serato mode.

ive tried

2 macbooks 2 laptops all are < i5, 8gb ram, 500GB ssd operating systems OSX 10.10 to high sierra 10.13 Windows 7 to windows 10 3x usb cables, Branded & cheap

Serato 1.9. - 2.0 Various USB drives, From usb 2.0 - 3.0

iv tried firmware 1.3 - 1.5 and the issue remains. sometimes have to reboot the machine 3-4 times to get it working.

It happens weekly at the start of a gig sometimes midaway… Its completely unacceptable

I hosted radio 1’s Scott Mills & Chris Stark, and it did it when they were there.

I was devestated, i looked unprofessional. Managers pulled me into the office at the end of the night, i did explain the issue & they said its not acceptable. I need this sorted or i’ll lose my job. This “professional” standard piece of equipment is causing me un-needed stress and is affecting my work.

From what iv read on youtube, reddit, the denon forums this is not an isolated incident.

I’ve been unable to return the item for an exchange but iv cleared my bookings and am off work for a month.

That’s a video of the fault, it was quiet when that happened but i have been too stressed to record the many times its happened due to panicking trying to resolve the issue before i empty the nightclub & lose my job.

can someone from denon put me out of my mysery & confirm this is a hardware fault so i can get a replacement.

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I was reading for one week and look to be a normal problem for this “professional” dj controller, maybe better buy the other Dj brand device… The major problem is no support from Denon.

I’m suffering from a very similar issue. Denon has offered an RMA but I’m not in a position to accept that due to the super long turnaround time.

If your reputation and your livelihood depends on djing, then I will suggest you get another controller.

I had similar issues & more when I owned the MCX8000. It cost me time, money and huge anxiety at gigs.

  1. When I realised that the 8000 wasn’t performing as expected I had to buy another controller to use. I bought the Denon MC6000MKII. I started carrying two controllers to gigs. I might as well have brought out my TTs and mixer. I threw more money at the 8000 buying stuff like Premium USB Cables etc but still same results.

  2. After further researching on many forums, i didnt have any confidence in the 8000 so I didn’t bother with the RMA route, I just hit up my nearest retailer that did trade ins and I part exchanged it for the Roland DJ 808.

  3. I’m not saying all Denon products are buggy, I bought the Denon SC5000 a few months ago and I still own the MC6000MKII which is a fantastic bit of kit but I can’t really get down on it due to its layout.

  4. The purpose of getting the 8000 was because of the USB as a back up option. It didn’t even do it’s primary function properly in my case.

  5. There are probably thousands of other users out there who have zero problems with their MCX8000 but when you are sweating buckets mid-set due to your own 8000 not working right I bet you won’t be consoled by the fact that out of 1000 people using their 8000 that 999 is working perfectly.

  6. I hope you make the right choice for yourself

Professional = Backup eg: Having one.

All sorts of things could cause a fail at a gig. The controller itself sure, the laptop, other software residing in the background, a drunk person tipping half a glass of beer over our gear, cables, loads or stuff.

Having two 8000 controllers would be over the top but surely if we,re charging a fee for our services then we should take spares, even if we put implicit trust in every lead, every controller, every PC or MacBook and so on.

Regardless of who makes your gear it’s always important to have backup. When I bought my 8000 I picked up a flight case with a 1u rack space under the controller and filled it with a rack mount mixer. The 8000 runs through the mixer and I have several other inputs as well, fortunately I’ve never needed it to bail me out but I know it’s there if I ever need it, hit play on the iPod premix while I sort the problem. Still, I totally get it, I would be an absolute mess at shows if I was having those issues, surely the good folks at Denon can help you out with your defective 8000.

iv returned my unit to whybuynew, hopefully denon will authorise a credit and i will sadly be taking a unit that isnt denon… shame really… so much potential to be a great controller, the only issue is lack of support from denon on the forums and no fix…

i have a backup pioneer now… a ddj-sr but surely if your product is as reliable as it is professional then a backup isnt neccesary, and with the mcx 8000, the ability to switch to engine usb mode means less/no downtime and seamless transitioning from laptop to usb… shame that it just freezes up…

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i sent mine back this week, hoping the retailer get authorised to credit me and il grab a ddj-1000 and use rekordbox… shame cos i like serato… and il have to setup my library in another software… if i had more money id just get a pair of nexus 2000’s and a dj900m mixer

how long have you owned your unit, iv had mine 9 months, the fault was present from the second week of use and has been a pain, iv lived with it anxious of it rearing its ugly head every night i play… but the last time the manager saw the result of this fault and calle dme to his offie after my set. he said to sort it… swapping it for a pioneer ddj-1000 is the solution…

Hi everyone,

Screen freezing (or really the MCX8000 freezing in general) is often a symptom of something else. It can certainly be hardware related, but it could also mean the MCX800 is stuck searching a drive, loading a song/waveform, communicating with Serato, etc. If you haven’t seen it already, we cover a wide variety of potential causes and solutions in this guide:

Denon DJ MCX8000 - Getting Rid of Freezing, Distortion, Dropouts and other Performance Issues

I have personally recreated a freezing scenario by filling and re-filling a drive formatted to FAT32. Simply swapping out songs(files) on a FAT32 database without reformatting can mess it up quickly and easily confuse the MCX8000 to the point where it freezes.

That said if you’re using different computers, cables, drives, reformatting drives, and still experiencing the problem in Serato and standalone, it’s time to contact your nearest support team to take a closer look. The uniqueness of every user’s system and styles makes this virtually impossible to troubleshoot effectively on a public forum. Our support team can curate a series of steps for your personal setup that will determine if the failure is hardware related.

Visit the link below to find contact info for a support team near you. If possible I recommend calling and speaking with an agent directly for the best results.

Denon DJ Support

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Hi @DjFortyOne, are you experiencing this problem also? Is there a specific situation where you were denied support from Denon DJ?

I was unable to find any contact from you, but if you were having trouble accessing support, please let me know and I’ll be happy to escalate!