Screens freeze after running a couple hours

I’ve been testing my MCX8000 at home since I received 2 defective ones from an online retailer before I decided to return them and try from a retail store instead. After running for an hour or so, the screens will freeze but continue playing the song. The unit has the latest firmware but with this happening it definitely isn’t ready for the road. Is there a new firmware in the works or what is causing this? I’m running windows 10 with virtual dj which is mapped out very well with this controller.

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I’m running VDJ with the MCX8000 on Windows 8.1 and have never had an issue with the screens freezing. All my gigs are between 4 & 6 hours and I haven’t even had a single glitch whilst running in Midi mode.

Could be a Windows 10 issue as other people have reported similar freezes using that version of Windows. On second thoughts if the music is still playing it does sound like an issue with the unit itself.

Do you have an older laptop you could try it with just to eliminate Windows?

Haven’t used windows 8.1 in a long time. Searched around online and even spoke to denon tech support. I discovered if you turn the screen brightness down from 100% to 80% the problem is gone. The person I spoke to at Denon confirmed this also. Ran it at home on auto pilot for 10 hours with no freeze ups

I thought that was an issue in standalone mode only?

My screens have been on 100% since day one so not sure if it’s an issue on certain controllers only.

This has been widely reported for some time now and the most surprising thing is that Denon haven’t released new firmware to correct it.

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I didn’t know it was widely reported. I have a friend who purchased the 8000 a few months ago and I asked him if he had the freeze problem and he said no but he thought the screen was bright and turned it down before he used it. A firmware update to correct this shouldn’t be too complicated.