Screen freeze on the left deck after updating firmware 2.1 on MCX8000

Hallo Denon, hello DJs,

i have bought my second MCX8000 Controller in July 2018. Until Firmware 2.0 everything was very well. But yesterday i have made an update to Firmware 2.1. During using Serato DJ my left screen freezed and the current track was running only in the software (no audio problems).

What should i do? Can i downgrade the firmware? Is this an known issue? Is there a problem with my Serato DJ Version 2.0.5.?

Thx for your comments!

Bye, Franz

Hey @djgoldberg Please see response here: Does 2.0 Firmware fix the screen freezing

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Ok, i will downgrade Serato DJ. Thank you for your quick reaction.

Goldberg, please read carefully the link Chloe posted. The screen freezing is a known hardware problem with the MCX8000 and needs service. It’s not related to any firmware.