Screen Freeze on Boot-Up


Hi all - Wonder if you can help me, i have an issue with my MCX8000

I bought the item pre-owned from a vendor. and found the Equipment to be working fine. every now and then my screen would freeze but i just assumed this maybe software related. i followed the instructions and tried to upgrade to the latest version. Unfortunately now when i boot up the controller both screens are stuck on the welcome screen.

I emailed tech support and still yet to get a response. Because i cannot get in to the utility menu, i was wondering if there was a way of updating the firmware via the USB to a least get some type of fix

i’ve tried things such as:

Put into demo mode and restart Hold down Cue Button until you see the sync button flash

I have 2 USB Pens - always worked no issues

i have tried many other things such as, taking it away from other devices, seperate plug in wall.

My laptop is a macbook pro 2018 model. so the spec side of things i cannot see the issue

i can use the controller (if i pretend it dont have screens) but whats the point. - iam based in the UK and in theory would like to know where i would stand on warranty or the cost of having this repaired?

if anybody could help this would be appreciated. i have checked on and read different forums but i never seem to see as to whether these issues were fixed

Kind Regards Chris

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Try this. If you are getting screen freeze regularly then it’s a well documented issue and a hardware fix. Contact support.

1.Place a USB drive that contains the latest firmware update package into USB 1.

Power on the MCX8000.

The left deck Cue button will flash. Press the Cue button.

The left deck Sync button will flash. This indicates the unit is updating.

When the left deck Play button is lit solid green the update is complete.

Turn the MCX8000 off, count to 4, then turn it back on again.

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Thanks for getting back to me

seems the issue is more than just software firmware issue

I have had the united tested and there seems to be a motherboard problem.

I have cut my losses and returned the unit as it is out of warranty and the cost to replace it was too expensive.

thanks for the advice.

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iateabee - did you already return your unit?


Hi Craig

Yeah the unit was returned last week. Denon quoted me nearly £300 For a motherboard replacement plus £30 for every 30 minutes the engineer is spending its time fixing it.

They said the issue was never going to be a software fix.

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Ah damn, sorry to hear that. That’s an expensive quote, I understand why you returned it.


Yeah was a shame, everything else but the screens worked. They tried charging me for other bits and by the time I’d added it all up I could have returned it and bought a brand new one. Ah well I’ve the DDJ-1000 or the traktor s4 mk3 on my mind now


The screen freeze issue is due to a manufacturing defect so it should be fixed for free even if you are outside warranty period.


Sadly this wasn’t the case. Out of warranty items aren’t covered.


Manufacturing defects should be remedied no matter what. You can even take legal actions against the manufacturer, because it is a known issue. Many units were put in circulation with flawed motherboards inside and the problem doesn’t occur to everyone at the same time.

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Absolutely and when I’d heard about the fault I feel comfortable in knowing this was a hardware issue until I was told my warranty wouldn’t cover the repair.

I just returned the item and cut my losses. Denon really have put me off the service


What denon gear have you got now ?


Only thing I own from Denon is an amp. Had the Sc2900 a while back but sold for traktor s8 as I’m abit of a stem freak especially when I produce a track I always make a stem version of it.

Tho I’m liking the look of the new s4 mk3


Just a note regarding Denon’s service. I had the same issue as you with the screens stuck on the logo (why I was asking if you had returned it). The authorised agents for Denon in my country had changed hands & I was having trouble getting any assistance. I emailed Denon uk & the very next day, I had a reply from the service manager who jumped on it & was very quick to sort it out. Denon really are trying very hard & after this I can say they now have a customer for life.

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