Screen Error? / Cue Line everywhere showing

Dear all, I just want to know if anyone has ever seen this error where the “cue line / Grid Line” is still showing on every menu screen and doesn’t disappear. If anyone ever had this mistake who do you solve it, is it just a “broken” screen or maybe a software issue?

Looks like you have a soft burn in. Use your device with dimmed screen for a while, or change to a complete other screen for a while, so the pixel can relax again. Too high brightness for a long time can cause this. I have my prime-screen on it´s darkest setting, and only increase brightness, if I really need it.

It will go away in a while, when you change the display page.

Hey, this could be right - but it’s annoying that only one player got this burned pixel thing. But will test it on the next stream to have it in dimmed mode :slight_smile:

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yea. but could take around 2-3 days to see an improvement. (thats what it took on my prime4)

it’s improving but i keep you updated :slight_smile:

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