Screen causing buzzing

Can any SC5000 owner confirm this behavior? Video

No noise coming from my set , maybe a faulty unit?

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No noise on my end. Sven

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Only if he has first changed RCA cables, power outlet and different input on the mixer to verify the unit itself is the problem. Also, not sure if elevated noise floor when no music is playing is that much of a problem if it’s not audible during normal mixing.

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Those yellow/black RKR or RKT whatever, speakers are well known to suffer from interference so, placing one just inches over anything with current in it is likely to pick up differences.

I reckon the noise is being picked up by the speakers internal workings rather than being passed out of the audio outputs of the 5000 or through the mixer etc.

The guy posting the possibly faked , and certainly over reacted to gives himself away on the pioneer forum. He is desperate for pioneer to add a feature to the nexus 2s… a feature which is already on the SC5000s … so he’s used this video to draw attention (again) to his request for a Prime feature to be added to his nexus.

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Here’s the link to Pioneer’s forum for everybody to see this idiot’s bad intentions: Link

If there is no issue, someone from Denon should also comment on the video to stop rumors.

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No Noise here at all with my set! Works great and sounds amazing!

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Mines is making a weird sound too. But my sound like the ice cream truck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Just kidding mines is good!

I saw a video on this today and I found it funny that the mixer’s master was at the max to hear the buzzing. Even the mixer was giving off white noise at max level. If the buzzing was heard between low and mid range levels on the channel line or heard through the headphone, I would be worried.

Or if the buzzing was bleeding through the music, I’d really be worried and that means there is a grounding issue.

So the solution is don’t max out the master level on the mixer and everything will be fine.


I have to disagree. There should be no such buzzing audible, even at max levels.


Forget the video as there could be too many variables and unknowns in how (ANY WHY) it was made (although the WHY just seems to be for the guy to get his request for Momentary Hot Cues to be noticed - a feature already on the SC5000 Prime)

I think you could just get one of those RKT black/yellow speakers and the SC5000 (no mixer, no cables) and put the two things 5 inches apart, and the speaker circuits would make some infernal interference noise - those speakers are all over google for poor shielding.

The only test that matters is easy ------------------> does anyone who really owns an SC5000 get that sort of noise in the real world ?

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Anyone from Denon DJ who could give us a statement to this?

I’ve never experienced this “issue,” and ran the same experiment using my SC5000’s with a DJM900NXS2 mixer to see if I could recreate it (everything connected via proper cables + Furman M-8Lx power rack). Shocker, I couldn’t recreate the issue. I would, however, invite anyone who can recreate this issue to create a proper video/write-up and post it here so that others can learn and so that Denon can recreate the issue and implement necessary corrections as needed. That is, assuming there’s an issue at all,.

There are many factors that could be causing this unconfirmed noise: poor ground loop isolation, shoddy cables, “dirty” power source, electronic interference becoming audible due to an abundance of electronics in close proximity to an audio output source (in this case, the speakers). The last example can be especially apparent when using unshielded/unbalanced cables. All that said, a faulty unit(s) could be to blame as well.

As far as this being a universal issue, I call shenanigans/B.S. For the many live situations/demos these units have experienced on the road, a major issue such as noise caused from improper grounding/shielding stemming from the display would’ve certainly been made apparent. I doubt a Funktion One would’ve been able to mask such noise.

Who knows, maybe there’s a batch of SC5000’s with defunct boards or perhaps it’s user error. I tend to lean towards the latter after reading some author’s comments on YouTube, in particular, stating that “most mixing can be done from 5-8, 8-10 is where the gain staging happens,” a statement that (for anyone who knows the basics of signal flow and the real definition of gain staging) makes absolutely no sense. In this instance, gain staging “happens” from the primary input (in this case, the respective mixer channel). Hence, why we shoot for a nice “hot” signal from our source (adjusted using the respective channel gain) when recording/performing live–so we don’t have to boost the hell out of the Master Fader/Out.

Ironically, the author praises Pio’s communication with its buyers, yet, he has been hounding them for months in the forum for updated firmware that will enable Gated Hot Cues…I digress.

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I asked the good guys over at DJWORX if they came across any buzzing. Here’s what they’ve found:

Now that’s what I call good news :slightly_smiling_face:


That “fake news” video was right up there with “Man never went to the moon” lol

The guy was jus trying to get some attention and get into pioneers pockets to gt them to put his favourite Prime feature onto the Nexus.

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Anyone had any genuine occurrences of this either at home, or at gigs ?

Nope ! Working just fine

This did occur; I am the author of the original video which I took down.

This was reproduced by Denon technicians when I called in for support.

The issue was resolved by using a ground lift (3 prong to 2 prong adapter) I put this in as a comment on the video but decided to take the video down because of all of the senseless bickering.

Denon technichians did everything possible to remedy the situation and although I was upset with the solution, it took care of the issue. After spending more time with the sc5000, I got rid of the nxs2 setup and replaced it with another sc5000 and a Rane MP2015 mixer The Urei 1620 sits above it and the master of the Urei 1620 is plugged into the session input of the mixer and life is Muy bueno.

I have been on the phone taking them to task with the sc5000 and the Rane mp 2015 and their support is second to none.

More videos are coming. No agenda.

Hopefully this clears the air and we can all talk about how well the sc5000 performs.


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