SCRATCHING Who has settings in preferences for it.?

I have seen the M coming out in Autumn But have just bought a sc5000 & want to scratch now who has a list of preferences for scratching please. Pressed the vinyl button to on & slip on its has alot of lag & you have to press hard on the platter top to get any effect/sound. The sound drops out. if you then let the platter go you cannot rewind it quick it seems to just slow it down a bit . Surley it must get better than this alll these adverts reeled me in or am I missing something. dj since 1980 so i know a bit but this deck isnt what I expected to be honest. Or is it the M I should of bought.

Turn slip mode off


What it was i did not see the protective filmm it was invisible until i caught it with something & marked the platter. Crap I thought id damaged my new player but picked at it & it came off. All working as intended, Thanks for the help my error.


Where do I find that function? Thank you!

(Well u said it was on, so) its the (blinking) Light on the lower right side of the platter, the hutten wich says ‘slip’