SC6k randomly loop activation

I saw a new behaviour of my player last time I streamed. Couple seconds after playing a song the player started a loop. After loading the same track to the other player everything worked fine. Was just the one time during a 2 hour set.

I recorded the behaviour: SC6k randomly loop activation

Hi @Lukas-We Is this on the latest firmware version 1.5.2?

Let me know if the issue still occurs with this version. Also if you change modes, does the first pad always trigger? Try switching to Roll or Slicer to see if the pad is triggering without interaction or if it is just occurring in loops mode.

I’m still on 1.5.1. The problem was on the hot cue and loop mode. Will check later if it happens again.

Had such a bad experience with the x1850 1.1 update so that I prefer to wait a bit before I give the 1.5.2 a try.