SC6000M - Thoughts so far!

Great to be back gigging and thrown myself straight back in with the SC6000M. Was previously on Numark V7 + Serato. Loving the SC6000M so far, fantastic, responsive and bags of fun. There are a few things i’d like to see in future updates which I think would improve the experience. See below:

  1. Renaming History on the hardware. Currently i’m connecting my external SSD to the computer & engine prime to rename in there.

  2. Previously played tracks - With each gig, each track i’ve played that night is highlighted in a different colour, in Serato it highlights every track ever played which helps when you’re trying to remember which mix of a certain track you like to play etc. So it would be good to maybe have the choice of seeing tracks played during the current set and tracks played ever on the unit.

  3. A slightly faster search function would be appreciated but not currently too restricting.

Other than that, i’m very happy with the hardware and pleased I made the switch / investment! Bar staff / management coming up to the booth and seeing the new kit were very impressed and said how much i’ve trumped the rest of the resident dj’s! :smiley:


Agree with points two and three as sometimes the tracks are not highlighted even though i know i have played it.

It’s a magical unit - just needs ABLETON LINK!


+1 on points 2 & 3… Though I would love to be able to view or edit the track details including Stars Rating and potentially other metadata/tag values right on the player.