SC6000M - SSDs and internet services issues

Hi all,

I’ve scoured the forums and can’t seem to find a solution to my issue.

I’ve recently picked up some second-hand SC6000Ms. Purchased a new 480GB SSD (SanDisk) to use in the internal bay.

I’d read the instructions on various posts - initialised as MBR and formatted as exFat on my Windows 11 PC, but the players won’t recognise the disk when connected internally via SATA.

I’ve tried putting the players into download mode also and initialising / formatting this way - Windows Disk Manager has a hissy fit and returns “The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”.

I’m able to use the same SSD with an enclosure and have the SC6000Ms recognise it when connected via USB - so not sure why this is an issue.

Does anyone have any ideas, or have come up against the same issue?


did you try GUID partition with exFAT?

Yep, had tried GPT before seeing the advice to do MBR

Time to Try FAT32 + MBR

You will need a third party partition utility to do that on Windows i believe.

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Thanks, will give this a try tomorrow. I use EaseUs Partition Master also and that couldn’t ‘see’ the drive at all when in the player and the player being in computer mode. Seems weird that people get inconsistent results

No joy - reformatted as FAT32 via the USB enclosure and still could not get the drive seen when plugged in via SATA.

Time to contact Denon DJ as warranty issue? I wonder if there is some issue with the SATA connections, as in Computer mode, Windows can see in Disk Management that there is a drive, but fails to initialise it.

@Anthony_DDJ one for you


Hey @DougieDJ | Let’s connect in a DM. I’ll be happy to help you connect with technical support agent. Can you share your phone number and email with me via direct message? Thanks!

While I wait for a response from Anthony…

I’m experiencing another issue also - whether connected to Powerline Ethernet or WiFi (to modem router and mobile hotspot), the internet connectivity is particularly bad.

I find myself having to switch between connections at best, or not playing streamed/downloaded content at worst as the players fail to consistently load data from Dropbox or Tidal.

Is anyone else finding this?