SC6000M KEY display

When browsing songs from crates the OS displays a KEY eg.(8A), once the song is loaded for playback the KEY display changes to 1A.

Hi @superiortechnology, welcome to the forum.

As stated in your other topic, please do make a video for a bug report. That way we can track it and others might be able to reproduce the bug as well.

I noticed the song you were loading was on -6,14% pitch. If key lock is off, that is expected. Load that song again with the pitch fader a 0 and see if it still shows a divergent key on the main display.

Thanks for the tip. Perhaps just user error. Ive never used key adjust function and did assume the original key would always be displayed

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If you want to keep that original key even with speed adjustments, just enable key lock :slight_smile:

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