SC6000/X1850 - Engine Connect - manual channel select

Hi there,

I have a question about Engine Connect between an SC6000 and an X1850

I’d like to Link my pretty, single, SC6000 to the Channels 2 & 3 and have the Engine Connect options working on those channels (colors, bpm, etc) (because I use Channel 1 & 4 for my turntables)

To have this working, in the X1850 the user guide mentions: Select Manual to disable automatic linking and only activate this feature manually by pressing and holding the Engine Connectbutton until the Channel Assignment screen appears on the media players. You can then freely assign

“Manual” option on the X1850’s Engine Connect is done but… it seems there isn’t any Engine Connect button on the SC6000 (and nowhere mentioned in the SC6000 user guide)

So how can Link my SC6000 with Engine Connect working to Ch 2 & 3 ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice/help


Hi @MorsroW, welcome to the forum.

The answer to your question is already given in your post. :wink:

What do you see happening when you press and hold the Engine Connect button on the X1850?

You should be seeing the channel assignment on the media player.

Button 48… on the X1850… I was for no reason looking on the SC6000 :innocent: Damn Thanks

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No probs. Here to help. We all had our moments. :joy:

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