SC6000 + x1850 connection

Hi! I hope someone from Denon is around to answer this, thanks in advance!

So, I ordered already my two SC6000, the mixer is already here :slight_smile: and the Q come to my mind, how to connect them.

I see I cloud use the 2*2 Digital out, this method will utilize the DAC in the mixer. The other way is to connect the RCA analog outputs to the mixer this will utilize the DAC of the player.

In the second case I’m not sure if the mixer is really doing analog mixing or will do an extra step of ADC -> DAC round?

Which one is better? Is the DACs in the players and in the mixer are anyhow different? Will I offload the players by using digital and put some extra work on the mixer? Or better to let the player do the trick and use the mixer in a (likely) analog route?

I want to record the mixes via the usb output, so I guess digital is the way to go… Unless you say the player has much better DACs.

On that note I can’t find the user manual for the SC6000, only the SC5000, while they much a like, SC6000 has a drive caddy.

About that is the Caddy a full blown SATA, with much higher bandwidth, or just an USB connection too?

I know I know a lots of questions, but if you play on serious HW like this, I want to connect them to get maximum quality / performance.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Edit 1: My bad, meanwhile I found the user manual for sc6000 and looks like the two DAC are the same in specs both

24-bit / 96kHz uncompromised digital audio output

Edit 2: The manual says:

To network SC6000 PRIME units together, use the included networking cables to do one of the following: • If you are using only two SC6000 PRIME units, connect their two Link ports.

But I think to have the x1850 - safe review and BPM sharing with the players, you have to connect two players to the mixer’s hub - or do I miss understand something? I guess x1800 and x1850 shares these things via Ethernet / TCP/IP, so I guess these won’t work if I link the two players to each other only… ?

It’s a digital mixer. Connect them digitally.

And any reviewer of such DJ gear you see not doing that, simply immediately start ignoring them. Many of these reviewers should be ignored, anyway.

The Ethernet connections is so the players and mixers can all talk to each other and integrate their various functions. Audio is not being transmitted over that currently.

Well sure it is digital, but I really wondering if:

  • When you connect analog signal - will it first convert to digital and back to analog
  • If you connect them digitally the master analog output will be generated by the DAC of the mixer - soo depending on the answer for the first question you may get different results if you use analog connection… Anyway, I’m mostly just interested in these things - I will record from USB - so expect the master everything should be digital…

Connect both the SPDIFs and and Ethernets from the players to the Prime mixer as per the manual diagram on the subject that gives you the deck layout you want.


That’s my point with that part, user manual says to link the deck to each other, instead of using the built in hub - which I think is not right, if you want to get the safe preview and sharing BPM info from player to mixer… Either I don’t get how this work or this part of the manual is misleading / wrong.

The manual should have a diagram showing the correct way to go into the Ethernet hub on the mixer to get the best integration. You only connect the players to each other if you don’t have a Prime mixer and have only two players.


Thanks that was my understanding too

I think I put mine on the outer Ethernet ports on the back of the mixer corresponding to the side the player is on, avoiding the output port from the mixer.

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Connect layer A on the ethernet and audio ports where you want the corresponding channels to be. Layer B will follow.


About that is the Caddy a full blown SATA, with much higher bandwidth, or just an USB connection too?

It’s got a SATA interface in there, I’ve got a few old SSDs lying around so in one went. However, it’s hard to see the difference between that and a moderately quick USB stick or SD card. They all load in a blink, even over to the other player via ethernet.

Thanks! As it is impossible to get any Sc6000 here, unless you wait 2 months, I went for sc5000, works okay with the x1850.

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