SC6000-Use with other mixers?

Hi All, Can you use other mixers with the SC6000’s other than the 1800 and 1850? And if so, which ones work best? I assume I need one with a USB port, since I want to control Virtual DJ with the mixer.

Thanks, Scott

Any Dj mixer will work fine with SC6000. Just only Engine connect will not work with other mixers than denon (On air and fader start for both layers and bpm assign from the beat grid)

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Thank you very much for answering my question NoiseRiser, I really appreciate it!

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You’re welcome, if You have any more questions, let us know, and happy mixing

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You also can’t use the SC6000 hue lighting integration without an X1800/1850.

Not sure what you mean by using the mixer to control virtual DJ though?

Okay thanks Rips.

What I mean by using the mixer to control virtual DJ, is to control the volume faders on Virtual DJ. Can you do that? Because when I move the fader knobs on the X1850 up and down, the volume faders on Virtual DJ move up and down.

What’s up @stitmu,

The key for VDJ and mixers is that the mixer is midi-mapable (meaning that there’s a USB connection between the mixer and your laptop). Check the VDJ website/forums for compatible mixers or mapping recommendations.

  • Peace!

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