SC6000 USB Audio Divice

Hi all my this is my first post. Question: Does the SC6000 have a built in sound card? (I’m guessing yes because as a stand alone player it converts files such as WAV, Flac, MP3 etc into an analogue signal to send to analogue mixer). Why is it that the SC6000 when being used as a controller with Virtual DJ, cannot it act as a sound card and port the audio signal to an external mixer. Could this be remedieded with a Firmware Update and an ASIO driver to install into the laptop. If a cheap Gemini MDJ 1000 can do this, why not the flagship of the Denon range? Context: I’ve just purchased 3 x SC6000’s which will be used as stand alone players at venues and parties. However when at home and practicing it would be nice to also not only use the SC6000 as stand alone players but as controllers with VDJ that are able to port audio to an external mixer. As this is my first post please forgive my not knowing where to direct it for the right response.

Some of the older players did this “lending” of their sound card to a nearby laptop in some odd “hybrid” (midi and DVS simultaneously) style modes.

Although Denon have a great HID version prime seems to be mainly about standalone rather than hybrids.

As you’re at a point where you’ve got one or more SC6000 models being able to choose your own soundcard, with you own choice of features, could be good.

But I’m not sure if you’re going three sides around square, when there may be a more modern or flexible way or achieving what you want to achieve.

Thanks for the reply Mitebeatz. It’ seem the obvious thing to do, is allow the players sound card to be used by a digital DJing platform. For example Kenny Gonzales of the Masters At Work nearly always plays from a Laptop these days (this is no small time DJ). Would he consider changing his rider to the Denon SC6000 Prime player, probably not because of this very reason that Denon have’nt made the internal DAC availible to be used. This is about Denon wanting you to but there mixer to go along with the players, it’s a business call and nothing more. I’m sure the DAC in the Prime series players is better that what Virtual DJ or Serato and Tracktor for that matter have within there digital DJing software. It’s a no brainer from a business point of view if you want to sell players on mass. You make them availible to all levels of DJ’d from the bedroom weekend mixer to the international DJ’s. It’s not as if it would be hard work to write the code to make it possible. Although I’m adding a sound card to be able to achive what I’m looking for. Just think that single sound card (in my case) has to handle 3 tunes. Where as the 3 player would handle 1 tune each, way better in my view.

Any idea How I reach out to Denon aout this, As this would make the players even better and more versitile.

In all honesty, my opinion is that suggestion (thingy won’t buy it because…) is clutching at straws to get your personal requirement to save money met.

I get that you don’t want to spend £40 on something that, you think, might be hackable inside the units.

Maybe you don’t want the few seconds extra setup time of plugging a sound interface inbetween a player and a laptop? {Shrug}

I know for me, if I had some wierd niche need and had spent 3 grand on gear, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at coughing out for £40 or 2 x £40 for a couple of interfaces. Heck some people splash out more than that on multi-color key caps lol.

The primes have been out for several years and if anyone else has made a feature request for this rather rare requirement, it’s clearly not picked up any traction whatsoever in the shape of votes from other owners

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