SC6000 stuck updating to 1.6.0 for about 30 min now

I’ve bought 2 SC6000. Both were 1.5.4. I’ve updated one via USB stick to 1.6.0 successfully. Then put the same stick into the second one and started the updated in the same way. Now the second unit is stuck showing the below: UPDATING… PLAYER WILL REBOOT AFTER UPDATE DO NOT POWER OFF

This has been going on for more than 30 min now. The first player updated relatively quickly. What should I do? I warns to not power off…


Called the UK technical support. They said restarting OK. Second attempt to update from USB has the same affect (hanging). Then I updated using computer USB connection, as support recommended, and it worked. If anyone else is having the same problem, try updating from computer instead of the USB stick.

Thank you so much, i just got new piece and was wondering what is taking so long … thanks !!