Sc6000 disconnecting from my laptop

Hey guys I really need some help!! My SC6000 keeps disconnecting to my laptop. I have the USB connected directly to my laptop. The hard drive shows up and it disconnects over and over. It does the same thing in the engine prime. My serato stopped recognizing my sc6000. It was all working last night and today it completely stopped. Please help!!

I’d start checking the laptop usb settings.

If you’ve got several USB ports on the laptop, consider numbering them and noting if any of the ports give you better or worse results. Some laptops have a mixture of powered/unpowered ports, some usb3 ports and some usb2 ports, with differing drivers for each. Some laptops won’t power their USB ports unless a heavy duty power supply etc etc.

Check also the laptop usb settings for letting the USB ports switch themselves off in certain situations.

Nope, I will start by checking cables and the prime device itself


  1. Did you try a new USB cable before you start poking into USB settings?

  2. Did you try a different computer? to out-rule SC6000 hardware issue.

Not saying this is not likely, but how likely is it that overnight all this became an issue?

Each to their own, but I’ve known many situations where “overnight” , things change, like a charging phone, iPad or vape device was plugged in an pulled enough current away from powersharing USB ports, enough to stop the devices you wanted the computer/prime to see from responding properly.

Switching around, some might ask “how could a cable that worked yesterday, not work today?” And of course, there are equally logical scenarios to that too… like two connected devices being pulled just thst little bit too far apart and straining a cable just enough etc

Rule nothing out :slight_smile:

Yup, but why not start with the simple things before the not so simple things.

Coz it could be either. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I tried another laptop and it worked perfectly. It’s a 2011 Mac and it never gives me problems. I got a 2019 MacBook pro 2.6 GHZ 6 CORE INTEL MEMORY 16GB and it always gives me problems

I’m really disappointed with the new MacBook! Anyone want to buy it lol

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That’s Apple all over. They’re reinventing the wheel and sometimes making square ones, ignoring everyone who makes round tyres, very well.

I have a 2017 MBP (USB C everywhere and Touchbar) and all my devices work with no issues.

Are you using a direct USB B to C cable? or an adapter.

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