SC6000 Analog output Sound Quality

I just bought two DENON SC6000s and connected them to A&H PX5. I used a very good amplifier and ELAC BS 244 speakers to listen to Techno and ambient music, tribe bass, and found that the high and mid-range were very blurry, and even lost many details. There has been no problem of treble attenuation with XDJ700 before. I am a listener who loves music and likes detailed high-frequency and spatial dynamics. Every album is lossless music, and I have good meticulousness in the AB test on the external sound card and old equipment. I really can’t accept the filtered and blurred sound of SC6000 at the moment. I’m from Taiwan and my English is not good. If the grammar is wrong, bear with me,I hope there is any solution.

Also try to think of Digital to analog converter to improve the sound quality, hope to have any answers or alternatives here, thank u. :slight_smile:

No, there’s no way to adjust it.

Try with pitch/key adjust set to off

It’s a “characteristic” of these players.

Covered ad infinitum but if the lack of top bothers you then get something else.

My pitch/key function is set to close, the problem still exists.

Different systems and devices have different high frequency characteristics. There are no other settings which affect the Prime high frequencies

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Finally, I replaced the original power cord on the Mixer with a better 6N amplifier dedicated power cord. The problem of insufficient treble and dynamics has significantly improved all the problems.

The power cord is the only part I didn’t have AB test, and all the problems have been improved.

Suddenly it occurred to the SC6000 that the SC6000 dropped by 6db to give full play to the dynamic sound performance. Then Maxer needs a better power supply driver to play the sound performance,especially the A&H analog machine. If you give him a good power cord,enough amperage,the high and midrange sound dynamics are divided. The layer will be more perfect. If someone encounters the same problem, you can try to change the power cord, and you will get a completely different sound and improvement.!

It’s always weird to read audiophile comments. In major recording studios “normal grade” cables are used throughout, but when we want to play those recordings, we would need very expensive cable where the electrons walk in a certain way to get the best listening experience.

However, if it’s an improvement. Why not.


Sometimes, to some 0.000000001 really matters.

However, a drunken swarm of dancers at various distances from the stereo sweet spot, arnt gonna give a darn.

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The configuration used by the arranger is not the same as that of the loudspeaker. Any wire I use when making music is also an ordinary power cord. I just conceived the analog mixer as the principle of the loudspeaker device and corrected it to get the best listening.

The main thing is not the quality of the wire, but the dynamic of insufficient ampere drive.

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So the bottom line is:

To improve the sound of the SC6000 (which is mainly due to the software of the players), you have to plug a crazy expensive power cable into the mixer?

All right.

That’s what I thought. BS.


This is ■■■■■■■■

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In the pro audio world that I got my knowledge from, they call this Audio-voodoo :grinning:


I don’t deny the problem with the SC6000 software. It just relies on other methods to make up for the lack of sound dynamics. Today’s test and mixing still have the problem of ambiguity in the intermediate frequency. I hope that DENON can update the software as soon as possible.

I didn’t buy any power cord, it was a power cord from my previous collection. :joy:

You obviously don’t know Denon then :slight_smile:

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This sounds worrying, I just started Denon, but if it weren’t for some of its powerful functions, I would like to continue using XDJ700, and get acquainted with it for a while before considering changing to other devices.

After purchasing SC6000, I heard that SC5000 also has the same disaster situation, which makes me a little regretful.

There are very few people using DENON products in our country, and it is the first time I have tried to buy them,It’s really frustrating.

I didn’t find the problem terribly dramatic. I hardly hear it myself anyway. I have a master EQ on my mixer and I turn up the treble a bit to compensate for the effect. In my opinion, the SC6000 still sounds better than Traktor. And everybody uses Traktor.

As long as the people on the dance floor don’t stop dancing, look at you in disgust and leave, you don’t have to worry.

Besides, Pioneer’s flagship CDJ-3000 also has problems with the sound … just to put things in perspective. So you have the choice between plague and cholera.


But the OP has already he’s an audiophile, so the dancefloor analogy does not apply in this instance.

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Well the CDJ 3000 have a better flat frequency response et better DAC than Denon It’s still a shame that the SC6000/5000 are not really considered like a transparent USB players

Good point.

But for audiophile listening, DJ stuff is generally the wrong approach.

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