SC5000Ms and Engine DJ 2.0

Having a multitude of issues. I have 3-5000Ms and 1 LC6000. USB plugged into player 1.

1 & 2 5000 players lock up in a loop when using the roll function after the 2.0 update.

After locking up, hard reboot is the only way to stop it and then even though it’s networked, doesn’t find the library again.

Player 3 looses it’s wifi nightly when left on over night and has rebooted itself in the middle of a set (while playing). #3 out of warranty.

All players on 2.0

Hey @peakhour - Happy to help! There seems to be a lot going on regarding your players. Are you able to upload and share some videos via DM? I can connect you with a technical support agent for some additional advice.

Next time this happens just stop the tracks. No reboot needed.

Yea I definitely stopped the track but the roll function highlight in the waveform didn’t update and no other buttons were responsive. I couldn’t load another track either.

Did you dm inmusic?

If you get a video post it here


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