SC5000M with Serato DJ

First thanks for your support SC5000M with Serato DJ …works great even i connect usb all in 1 SC5000M and only 1 USB cable to My Macbook pro and works great NO need HUB … My question is … I really will like screens work on Serato DJ like work on Standalone Unit … I mean Big Waveforms on all Screen and all characteristics …, I am very happy with the work but only need this change please …


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Have you connected 2x sc5000 and x1800 to your laptop with one USB cable without hub? How did you do that ?

Players have a hub build in

Yes 1 Sc5000M and X1800 connect to 2 SC5000M then connect to USB to computer …Nothin More and work ok no need HUB Good Luck

It’s always recommended to connect the mixer directly to laptop when performing.

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Could you include any photo or image?

The mixer needs to connect directly to the laptop, not connecting using a usb hub


Hello friends 2 week test this connection and not problem all work good .

Only Update Screens please on Serato DJ and put just like Standalone …Thanks

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Do you have any drifts with the platter?

Hello dear friend … I don’t have any problem all works good …only help with update TouchScreens …Nothing more thanks

I tested yesterday for the first time with Serato and tried to see if there was drifting problems and it was good. At least for the 2 hours I was using it to mix.

Hmmm…I don’'t understand your instruction. do you mean: connect player 1 sc5000m to x1800 then connect another usb cable to player 2 sc5000m ?

Hello friends please I have problems with sc5000m And Serato DJ 1.- when motor start difficult to keep same bmp and song not permanent beat maching 2.- then turn off motor and beat maching perfect and work great

The problem beat maching it’s only when motor it’s on This is big problem

Thanks hope you can help me soon

Att: Edwin Altamirano

You have to try and adjust the latency in serato. I use 2 ms

Then also make sure you use a high speed usb Hub for the players and mixer. Should work.

That’s my setup on a 2015 MacBook Pro

Yes this appears recently