SC5000M - Traktor Timecode/DVS


Quick question regarding the SC5000M, if I was to put a traktor timecode signal on a usb and use the motorized platter (like a turntable) as a dvs system, would I then be able to midi map the buttons on the SC5000m to control hot cues etc?



No, not right now at least

Thanks for the reply. That’s disappointing, I know Serato compatibility is probably on the way but it would be nice to have the ability to midi map while using timecode. Thanks anyway

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There is a feature request for midi hybrid mode for SC5000M, check the feature request section. I also really want this on my SC5KM

+1 for that one, that way more software will be supported: like myself using rekordboxdj on timecode :wink:

+1 for this and big up @NoiseRiser for his efforts

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Can the SC5000/M or SC6000/M be used with Traktor DVS & USB timecode (just like a turntable)??? Even if you can’t map the rest of the pads. I plan to use them mainly stand-alone, but would be nice to control the virtual platters via DVS on Traktor Pro if I need it. For everything else, I have N.I. controllers like the X1 & F1. Any input would be much appreciated.

Technically any audio player can be used with DVS as long as it has RCA out

  • Just download the Timecode signal to USB

  • Connect the mixer to Traktor

  • Switch to USB or DVS mode on mixer

  • Press play