SC5000M Shutdown Behavior

Picked up an SC5000M last weekend. Really having a lot of fun with this thing, however I have run into something odd over the past few days. Twice when I have tried to shutdown the unit on separate occasions, the unit boots back into the track browser without recognizing any connected media. Here’s what I noticed;

  1. Pressed the eject button on the player, selected media device to eject, waited for media to be fully ejected.
  2. Pressed the power button on the back of the player, selected “yes” to shutdown the player.
  3. “Shutting Down” displays on player, then unit remains on and boots back into the track browser and no media showing as connected.

Again this has only happened twice, every other time the unit has powered off normally. From what I have observed, I’m guessing this is software related. I did update the firmware from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2 when I first got the unit. I’m thinking I might try flashing the firmware again if this becomes more prevalent. Mainly just seeing if anyone else has encountered this or something like it with the M’s :slight_smile:


I also have some shutdown problems on my SC5000s from time to time. It results in the player not being able to read the SD media I usually use. When I insert the same media on the USB port or in the SD slot on another player, it works again. I have these problems since version 1.0.1, however they cannot be reproduced reliably.

Hope things like this will go away by Denon incrementally improving the firmware.