SC5000M / SC5000 Dual layer view option

SC5000M / SC5000 Dual layer view option.


I would dig this.

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Looks great, but maybe (just maybe) move the waveforms on Layer B up and text below waveform. Then you have the 2 waveforms right above each other…


WHy would you want it like that?

Like this:

Layer A text

Layer A waveform

Layer B waveform

Layer B text

Same reason as people asked for horisontal waveforms on the P4. Easier allignement…


Excellent approach.

Whilst we re at it perhaps Deck A and Deck B layered waveform as an option


We really need this it’s Sooo cool

I just sold my prime 4 for a pair of sc5000M and I really miss the dual waveform would be great to have it on SC’s

Why not just use the sync button at that point?

2 reasons.

  1. Dont like the Sync button.
  2. If tracks have had a wrong bpm analyze, sync dont work correct.

Jumped in just to give my thumb up to this one, with the modification suggested by Engell. Would be great!


Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Engine Prime is where all the essential preparatory hard work should only be done,eg:You Have Bigger dual waveforms(Can clearly see how much bass,mid,treble in comparison to each other at mix points)headphones socket on laptop,crossfader on Engine Prime software even proposed key changes of tracks made on physical units still need to be placed accordingly in your set list organised on Engine Prime. Always have your USB drive connected to your laptop whenever working on anything in Engine Prime software as you just sync everything back to the main collection of the software that’s on your Mac/PC hardrive.

Be a bit wary/mindful in watching any YouTube videos…etc which say stuff a bit too much in gospel terms regarding 16,32,64 bar drop it on the 1 of first beat of 1st bar of new tracks phrase as I have found through using Engine Prime,data from MIK and just manually counting bars that there will be discrepancies,differences between as there are “indicators” happening between the above mentioned phrases and it can be a matter of adjusting grid while looking at zoomed in wavelength on engine prime when on laptop.

Well done for making a feature request I can actually get behind. Unlike some of your other requests I think this is a great idea!

Moving this to the Feature Request section.


Yip I would vote for this.


I would love this feature!


Yes, please. Dual layer.

Why not full doble waveforms overlapping like this:

I would use this a lot, yes please