Sc5000m pitch issue

Hey Guys and Gal’s, had my sc5000m for 6 weeks or so, and until this morning enjoyed it immensely, I have it connected to a djm 750mk2 using dual layer , now when trying to mix in a song it slows down , drops out of time, the pitch bend buttons fail to work to be able to speed it up, both songs are at the same bpm, all the tracks have been analysed and all the songs sat in the cut for long periods of time??? And no it isn’t my beatmatching ability, I’ve been using 1200s for 29 years… Up until two days ago… perfect, anyone else had this issue?

I had a similar sounding issue, also on SC5000M players. It turned out to be the motors, which ultimately needed replacing. The symptoms mine displayed started very subtly at first, where beats would go out of time really marginally, but over the space of a year or so they got worse until the only way I could use the players was to turn the motors off. Even instant doubles went out of time with the motors on. I also had everything analysed in Prime etc. Even instant doubling the same track from the same source caused the issue. Try turning the motors off and see if the issue is still there.

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Thanks for the reply brother, I watched your video on YouTube as well, mine are doing exactly the same thing but it’s got bad pretty pretty quickly , I think I’ve only had them 6 weeks… Trouble is , some days they do it and other days are fine, I really need them fixed asap as I gig with them, I just hope they don’t muck me around in getting them fixed

Good luck with the repairs. For them to break after 6 weeks though… .damn! Not good.

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