SC5000M only recognized as USB Drive

I installed the drivers (1.0.0.) for Win 10 and my two SC5000M´s (latest firmware) are daisychained (right player USB out to USB 3 left player, left player usb out to USB notebook) and connected to my notebook. After setting them in computer mode they are recognized but only as USB drive in contrast to my X1800 which is relly recognized as X1800. I already tried repairing the drivers as de- and reinstalling.

Do you perhaps have any ideas???

It would be very helpful to know what You are trying to achieve.

Of course. I want the players to be recognized in Virtual DJ. Thx in advance.

What version of VDJ are you using? It needs to be at least the version where native SC5000M support was added.

Did you try them with Serato software?

They probably need to each be connected directly rather than daisy chained, so that each shows as a separate device.

They can be daisy chained