SC5000M not showing waveform!

LoL, im internetting on the gig again.

Right now my M is playing a track and there’s no waveform displayed.

What’s going on? It shows the intro… like 8 bars… and the rest of the track is blank.

I took video but can’t post it right now

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Hi @PlumWrinkles, thank you for you post. We have members of our Dev Team watching this thread, and waiting for your video. We can assist you more once you have time to post.

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I guess it is good to internet on the gig… I almost forgot this happened!

Thanks for the reminder. I uploaded the videos to vimeo.

Hey there @PlumWrinkles, thanks for sharing your video! According to our Dev Team, it looks like there may be something up with the music file. Suggestion: re-analyze this/these tracks within Engine PRIME. If that doesn’t work, perhaps re-encoding these music files to mp3 could fix it.

Let us know how that works!

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Hey, there!

I had another crazy issue last night on the gig. Well two issues!

A bunch of my files were analyzed by Engine Prime and the BPMs were off by 50% or so… it’d say it’s 70bpm but it was actually like 132 when I tap-tempo checked on my Octatrack.

The other issue was this:

Load a track to Layer B. Push play (or any cue button) and then Layer A would lag… like as if I was slowing the record down. But it would only do it once per track. So I tested it by loading another track and the same thing happened over and over.

I had a DJ buddy in the crowd who noticed and came over laughing at me like, “wtHeck are you doing?”

I thought I was taking video the whole time, but it turns out I only took one picture, and then I didn’t want to mess up the sound any more for another example.

Coupled with your - waveform not showing - problem, and now this slowing down thing, I think it’s worth you trying a really high quality branded usb memory key/stick.

Don’t get the counterfeit ones off of fleabay which can be cheap chips in a cloned casing.

Also make sure that if it’s usb 2.0 , you only plug it in the usb 2 port on the front of the 5000, but if it’s usb 3 only plug it in the back ports (usb 3 ports) on the back of the player (upward/downward compatibility between usb 2 and usb 3 is a semi-myth)

i’ve got a top-notch samsung usb.

i will investigate!


i can’t find any where in the manual where it says use 3.0 on the back usb ports. Can you point me to the page in the manual?

i’ve been using a Samsung USB 3.1 on the front port for almost everything I’ve done to date with the machine.

I’ll try the rear port at the gig tonight.

The layer lag thing which I’ve experienced as well I do believe has been addressed in the new firmware.

The BPM thing is another story! :upside_down_face:

It doesn’t - but the front ports aren’t 3.0, they are only 2.0, so the transfer speed will be reduced, thus could be causing the issues (and is wasting the point of your SSD).

Considering the SC5000s cache the whole song (since you can pull the drive out and have full access to the track), would the drive still be a factor after the track has loaded? Just a thought…

USB on the front is indeed 2.0, but at 30MB/s a normal song will load in a second.

3-4 seconds if you are using decent aiffs.

Yes a 10min wave file is about 100MB also