SC5000M motor wheel reversing when stopping playback

When stopping playback on one of my SC5000M i noticed there was sound still coming through to the mixer for a second. After some inspection i noticed the motor wheel on my green SC5000M to the left goes backwards a few millimeter when stopping the playback, resulting in a “reverse scratch” sound whenever i am stopping the track on the left SC5000M. The motor wheel fully stops and then shifts backwards a little bit. This is not the case for my red SC5000M to the right, when stopping the playback on the right player the motor wheel simply stops where it is supposed to.

I have tried disabling and enabling the motor, setting the stop time to fast or slow, adjusting the torque. The issue still persists.

You can see the issue in this video:

What now?

Welcome to the world of direct drive platters.

So it’s not a faulty motor to some degree? It’s quite annoying having that scratch sound whenever i stop a track. Is it a common issue with the SC5000M’s? Considering this isn’t a problem on my other unit i’m thinking it shouldn’t rewind like that.

Technically vinyl decks used to do this too

Have newer vinyl decks stopped doing it as motors get better?


So this forum system is broken. I deleted my last comment because i wanted to rewrite it, and it doesn’t let me post another reply because you can’t post two comments in a row (even if i deleted my last comment), tried undeleting my last comment but it disappeared and cant post another comment. So its a mess.

Either way, if you see this, yes spinning the motor manually still causes the motor to go in reverse when it stops, even when the unit is turned off. Same thing happens if i remove the platter.

@Reese have you seen this problem before? Would be great if anyone from Denon (don’t remember any of their usernames) could give me a word if its a bug or a feature, if i should return the unit once again (it is the same unit i had replaced a month ago)

Take off the platters from both and spin the motor by hand and let it stop on it’s own. Do you see the same behaviors?

I don’t have an M myself, but with emulation of vinyl, the platter movement should always be heard.

However, a Technics had an adjustment beneath the platter for better dead stop. Mostly after putting a slip mat on it. Dead stop adjustment didn’t always work well, but it’s kinda missing on the M.

I think @Reticuli made a request for “no sound” when platter moves slightly to omit the real vinyl ‘problem’.

I really don’t care much about that issue. Mine had more to do with making sure you can scratch the track again when it’s still wobbling and hasn’t yet stopped completely… unless I’m forgetting some other thread.

Oh thanks. Came from my mind only…

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I presume his problem is also from hitting pause since I think if you hit cue it does completely stop the sound even if it’s wobbling. As others have stated regarding pause, that’s pretty normal for a moving platter. I think one unit always stopping perfectly is a fluke of a really good brake. If you are looking to stop immediately, use you hand on the edge of the record.

Yeah it doesn’t matter in what way i stop the platter, the motor reverses after stopping regardless. Even if the unit doesn’t have power and i spin it manually.

This is not the case for my other SC5000M, so it makes me think there is something wrong with that platter motor. I shouldn’t hear a scratch whenever i stop a track, its annoying.

I was gonna say that the stopping one might be the faulty unit lol.

I did take a look at the old thread to see if anything was new but nothing has changed.

The OP did produce a video of how the deck should work though. If it wasn’t for seeing this behaviour with tts over the years I’d be complaining too. I do think it should stop like in the video.

His doesn’t wobble any more than mine do in the vid. And he is using pause.

Cue should cut the sound, though, in contrast to pause.

None of those buttons cuts the sound completely on the unit where the motor goes in reverse, i hear a backwards scratch regardless. On my other unit the sound cuts perfectly and the motor doesn’t go in reverse when stopping.

I’ll post another video where you can see the motor going backwards more clearly, hang on.

Do a vid for cue.

We know what you are talking about this is not new. It’s just you are the first out of many that has one with a tight stop.

You can always turn the motor of before stopping

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Ok so it is “meant” to be like that when using motorised platters. That’s a relief, i really don’t want to send something back to the retailer again, i just wanted to know if the unit i had was faulty or not.

I just want the sound to be off whenever i turn it off, i mean i don’t expect to hear anything after i press pause or que. Even when using the slow stop time setting, once the sound stops it should stop, you shouldn’t hear anything more after the motor has stopped.

If this is an issue with media players using motorised platters they could probably patch it so that the sound of the slight reverse scratch isn’t heard? It is a digital player after all, that could be a workaround?

@Reticuli as requested here is a vid showing the platter motor reversing when using the que button to stop:

I’m talking about the sound. There should be no sound when you hit cue. Your latest video did not demonstrate you’re experiencing something different than that since you recorded no music. Hitting cue is not going to wobble less physically, but it cheats the sound off with cue so there isn’t drift. My issue in the other thread is simply that it’s waiting until the platter completely stops to let you scratch that point rather than using some other metric to begin seeing record movement again. I believe the motor is immediately off when you hit pause or cue… you can see this with your hand helping it stop. And there’s a brake in there. I don’t think it’s the motor reversing, rather rebound from the internal mechanics… probably the braking parts.

Oh okey, i see what you mean. I just tried it again, using the que button to stop the track prevents the reverse scratch sound being heard, but the que button doesn’t really work as a replacement for a pause button. And as i mentioned before, even if i use my hand to help the platter to stop, as soon as i let go of it the rebound kicks in.

I hope they fix it, if its something that can be fixed. If they made the play/pause button actually cut the sound in the same way as the que button does.

Here is a video with sound, stupid of me to not think about that, was focused on the physical part of it. But yeah, you can hear the scratch here: