Hi, Im new to digital players, got my first set of sc5000m’s in dec and haven’t looked back, also new to this form so apologies for positing a ‘not new’ topic question. ( i haven’t read a definitive answer so far)

Will it be possible that a future firmware update will give sc5000m users the option to turn off the platter wheel LED, or make it white. ( the factory set colour options are a bit too in-your-face i feel).

Or is this change outside the scope of what a firmware update could do.


Seems doable. They could use the center of the color selection circle for each layer and channel, maybe. Sort of a toggle. Could label the middle Toggle White/Black or something.

Want to create a feature request?

it is a a change i would like to see. i will make a change request, thanks.

Be nice to have a wider choice of colours to choose from.

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