Sc5000m Issues with one deck not reading the played tunes (not turning green) when played.

Hi all. Im new to the forum so thanks in advance to anybody who can help me. I’ve tried to scan through historic threads to try and resolve or see if anyone has or has had the same issue as me. So I apologise if we are going over old ground. And I will try to give any relavant information and be as clear as I can.

There are several issues regarding one deck talking to the other. And reading the usb.

When I’m playing the tracks on deck 1, with the usb drive inserted in deck 1 also. It highlights the tracks that have been played in that session in green, regardles of what deck the tune is played on. But on deck 2 (no usb inserted) it does not highlight that they have been played, (not turning green) they just stay white.

Also the album art is displayed on deck 1 (usb inserted) but no album artwork is shown on deck 2 (no usb).

And also some of the tracks are missing on the deck without the usb inserted in it, but all seem to be on the deck with the usb inserted.

Then if I eject the usb and insert it into deck 2 the issue is just mirrored the other way round, if that makes sense.

I have ran a firmware update using the windows pc firmware update utility. I have version 1.5.2 02f0d86a Version 00.32 On both decks. But it still says firmware update is still available. Maybe this isn’t related to my my issues but thought I’d mention it.

The decks work ok but its just frustrating that all this money is paid out and something Is definitely a miss with them.

I would be very grateful to anyone that can help me resolve my problems. I’m no technical geek either, just an average joe when it come to tech.

The decks and x1800 mixer are just awesome and play fine but I’m abit deflated right now with these glitches that didnt used to be there. And I’m blind as how to cure it😓.

Like I said thanks in advance. Joe.