Sc5000m in case

Hi all can you play the motor version in a case, I am concerned about airflow to the fan for the motor. Anyone done this. Thanks.

Leaving electronics that generate heat inside their road cases is one of the dumbest things I see DJs do. It’s not a problem with some simple controllers that have hardly anything inside, but most everything else generates heat and has ventilation slots on it for a reason. Taking your stuff out of the case when in use will lengthen its lifespan.


Thanks Reticuli, that is exactly what I was thinking, I will opt for travel cases and take them out for gigs.

Both SC5000 and SC5000M are rated at 75W of power consumption. I find this a bit odd, as the motor of the M should consume some additional power. But then it has no center display…

I am using my SC5000s all the time in their Magma cases. They are well ventilated.

There is no issue with overheating at all. In fact, with front and back open you can keep them running with the top closed (useful in a busy environment). No excessive heat build up.

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Not a dumb idea at all to have your equipment protected. All of my personal equipment is in road cases and have remained in cases for years of gig use with no ill effect (MCX8000 [3 years], DDJ-SZ [8 years], Technic 1200’s [20+ years]). I encourage every DJ that works for me to leave their equipment in cases on their gigs. The SC5000M’s have vented slots in the rear. Most roadcase manufactures build their cases specifically for a product keeping in mind the access and ventilation needs of that product. If you feel that your SC’s are operating warmer than they should be, I recommend contacting Denon directly.

my 5000m lives and performs in its case. the case has plenty of room to let it breathe and i’ve never noticed the unit being too warm.

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