Sc5000m hid mode won't work

My sc5000ms won’t work in hid mode I am using sl2 box powered USB hub windows 7 laptop serato DJ players keep saying “finding computer”. help

Is the M already working with Serato then?

5000M still don’t have Serato HID compatibility, although it has been announced by Denon “somewhere in the future”.

No I’m ready to give up

The SC5000M do not work with Serarto DJ in controller mode.

Im also waiting for the promised compatibility.

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I have seen YouTube videos with them in hid mode but with a digital mixer is a Urie 1620 so I have to use the sl2 box

You’ve seen videos of the 5000M being used with Serato? Could you share some links?

What he/she said… Id like to see this working as well.