Sc5000m firmware will not update

Hi, brand new sc5000m will not receive 1.22 firmware via computer or USB stick. It just sits there preparing… any ideas? Thanks

Hey there -

Before we can help out, we need a bit more info from you.

Can you detail what you’re doing in more detail and explain what the screen on the both the SC5000m and the updater is showing when you get this issue?

Also, can you confirm that you’re using the SC5000M firmware and not the SC5000?

Yes - wrong version. Sorry, my bad. All working now!

To be fair, I just had the same problem. The website states it is SC5000, not the SC5000M, which has taken me ages to find, thinking one SC5000 firmware was global, but they have different firmwares! Argh I sat here for ages because of this guys. Just writing for the next person who has this problem! Add an M and tell users the firmwares are different please.


SC5000M Firmware Update v1.2.2 (PC)

SC5000M Firmware Update v1.2.2 (Mac)

SC5000 Firmware Update V1.2.2 (USB Updater)

Engine Prime - Download Page

i just got sc5000m after updated one of unit…it just boot up and freeze on the screen

Try resetting the unit when the screen freezes: Press+Hold the power button. Release when center screen is blank also.

Will it reboot/start normally then? Try update again.

Otherwise contact local support.

i try that and it didnt work… i end up call denon dj and ship the unit back .

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