SC5000M Deep Dive Demo/Review with Chicago Bulls' DJ Metro

Thought members here would find this useful.

Metro goes really deep on his multi-week test drive and ultimate switching to SC5000m.

Watch here. (This is a link, although it doesn’t look like it)


A nice review, but not ‘deep’… That cant be made in 8 minutes.

In DK there is absolutely no hype about those machines… Not even the ‘Denon-ambassador’ is promoting the P4… But I really hope that theres a big hype around the SC5000 M’s in other countries.

Communication and ‘doing as communicated’… That will make the hype real…When people can count on whats being said.


Thanks for the feedback, Engell. What would you have liked covered in the review / what did you feel was missing from it being comprehensive? Really appreciate your feedback so we can continue improving.

Hi Alex,

Well I actually didnt need to see anything more - but I’m already a SC5000 owner. But from the viewpoint of a potential customer, I think that a more deep-going review would be better. Loading files, pad-use, pitch settings, loop settings, how to use quantize etc. The focus was purely on the motorized function - and to me, thats not a ‘deep’ review when its missing the other functions of the unit. But thats just imho.

I would still need to watch other videoes, to get more info about the unit, beside the motorized function. A deep review to me, is a review that covers everything.