SC5000M Custom platters - let's see them!

I thought it was really cool you could add your own ‘real’ 7" vinyl to the 5000m’s. I thought it would be nice to see what vinyl people are using and to share them for some inspiration, so please send us your photos! I’ll post mine once I do that. First I need to find a drill…


I have 2 clear green 7" vinyls on way to me in post, bought on well known auction site for £6 delivered but not arrived yet unfortunately :frowning:
As soon as they arrive and are drilled & fitted I will upload some pics. I got 9" vinyls from glowtronics for my sc3900s, they also did 9"slipmats

I am struggling to find 7 inch slipmats with good designs though. I am hoping someone like the Glowtronics company bring out some soon. Juno records do some 7" slipmats but not much in the way of choice.

Perhaps Denon will do some like they did the blue vinyls for Sc3900/3700 hint hint :wink:

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Green Vinyls to match the lights, Got glow in dark on the way, unfortunately my slipmats have not arrived so still black ones at the moment, will look better when replaced.


First I replaced the platters with the Numark NS7-II or III version. My fingers are simply used to them and for me the new ones are too shiny… Then I bought some serato 7" vinyl and drilled :wink: … finally I ordered custom 7" vinyl from 12inchskinz and their adapters - which are much smaller. Now for me the players are just perfect!


can you explain more how you did this? i want to order something similar. links to adapters and vinyl?

@ Me or ChrisSportif ??

chris! :), i cant find that desig or spindle any where?

Hi, sorry for the late reply… this is the link to the product: There is a 7" version that fits perfectly on the SC5000m. You can upload Your design for the vinyl. On checkout You can specify whether You already have the spindle adapter or not. I ordered the platters here: As I wrote I prefer the platters of the NS7 line, they have a matte finish and are linear. The Denon original platters are polished and curved. But this is just my opinion of course… :wink:


how did you know this was going to work before you ordered, bit of a risk?

also, what is actually different on the platters? weight? what do you mean by linear?

this is the Numark Version: grafik

and this is the Denon Version: grafik

Can You see the difference? The Denon version seems a bit recessed in the finger area, the Numark version’s border is straight. Perhaps I do not know the right words to explain it correctly, I’m no native english speaker unfortunately. In any case, the Numark version feels much better (and of course for a NS7 user right at home). I personally do not like the shiny polished look, I prefer matte designs (just like Denon did it with the surface, this is very well made). It was no risk at all, I downloaded the construction layout and some pictures of the players without the platter and You can see at first sight that they reused the construction of Numark (it’s also in the inmusic familiy, so Denon have access to all designs). I also own a Rane Twelve and simply measured the spindle so I knew that the 12inchskinz Rane parts will fit. Meanwhile I ordered my 3rd pair of vinyl from 12inchskinz and I love the players. I still do not use engine by the way… When I play with video I still use RB and use RB as my preparation software. From time to time I convert RB USB sticks on the player and analyze them on the computer. I heard that the new engine software is capable of reading RB playlists directly on the computer. I will try this later, I simply like the RB workflow, it is straightforward :slight_smile:

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wow you did some good detective work there, but at $50 each they are going to have to wait until after deck savers and dj bags have been purchased.

what do you carry your gear in?

Was finally able to get my hands on a decksaver for the 5000M :slight_smile:

Clear Serato 7" vinyl with a 7" Technics slipmat. I’m quite pleased how it turned out!


is that a 12inch skins custom vinyl too?

nope, its just a clear 7" Serato control vinyl. I got a pair of them off amazon for about $15. Also found the Technics slipmats there too. :slight_smile:


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i really like what youve done there, do you find that technics slipmat is better than the stock slip mat? im struggling to get the correct tension on the platter?

if i have the screw mechanism nice and tight its great for scratching but i can perform a decent spin back.

also do you have a link


The SC5000M is almost perfect, the 7" platter feels like a child’s toy. It needs to be 10". Even the 9" platter on my 3700’s are just a tad to small. 10" is the sweet spot for scratching and juggling. Love the custom platters though guys, very cool :love_you_gesture:


I was hoping someone could give me advice on where to find the best vinyl for my SC5000M’s. Also is it pretty straight forward drilling the holes - is there any tips or tricks for doing this? I can’t find any helpful videos anywhere

I picked up a pair of 7" Serato glow in the dark vinyls, thought they would be perfect/cool to replace the existing ones.

Last night i drilled the holes in the new vinyl and attempted to attach it to the spindle only to discover that the centre of the Serato vinyl must be slightly thicker, so the existing screws are now not long enough to attach to the spindle.

Unfortunately i don’t possess calipers to measure the length/diameter of the screw but assume that they would need to be 1/16th or 1/8th inch longer.

Has anyone came across this challenge, and if so can you provide any advice, i don’t want to needlessly start hacking and sanding at the disks to get them to fit, but i would rather that than strip the thread on the spindle.

Cheers n beers