SC5000M announcement


As People have been discussing about motorised platters here quite a lot, I was expecting to see a thread about the new SC5000M immediately.

What do you guys think? Selling the SC5000 now for the new SC5000M?

Prices will be exactly the same and versions will coexist to one another. So it’s essentially not a new or upgraded version, but a matter of choice.

Sure, but as people were discussing that this would be a welcomed feature, I am curious if people consider to switch over…

The way I use the platter, I think I would not switch.

Design wise, I would stick to the normal SC. But, it seems to be a sturdier construction and I could do without the center screen. And I’m not a scratcher, only a “beginning of track” cue and let go-er. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only if the second hand price of my “old” units would be good enough, I would really think about it.

Understood - for me personally the motor platter isn’t much important. Maybe until I got my hands on it. Actually I like the center screen most. However I am a DJ who learnt it in the 80ies with turntables only, therefore I might change my mind once playing with them. I must admit that I don’t have SC5000 so far. I wouldn’t have to consider second hand Prices for them. My current gear is from the Competition and a couple of years old. Therefore switching to something new is becoming more likely.

But I am having some more dependencies in regards to switching and managing my library. If it would be just the Players - I might have already decided, but EP for me Right now is the bottleneck.

Don’t want to go off-topic. Would like to see more to comment on the SC5000M. Thanks

In regards to the second Hand Prices… DenonDJ could offer a Trade In and sell the Units coming back as refurbished - at least for early adopters. Just my 2 Cents…

Could switch one day (I have the SC5000s) but there are other more urgent things that needs attention first.

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I dislike working with 7". I have 7" vinyl and I have the DN-HS5500 players. It’s too touchy. I do prefer a moving platter, though, for both the overall feel and to keep my vinyl mixing skills sharper. So maybe I’d put up with it. Better yet, build a Prime digital and analog hybrid unit with 12" platter, a tonearm, and give us the ability to play real vinyl on it. Heck, they can even put it under the Numark branding if they want to keep these new 5000 series ones and expand the Prime-compatible ecosystem to other brandings. Like an updated Numark X2. No need to even have full dual mode on such a design, rather one set of outputs for the digital section and one set of phono outputs. And I’ll even help InMusic design the layout of a mixer to go with it.

That´s what i was thinking… I really like the Vinyl feeling and speeding the plattern up or down with my hand for pitch bending. I don´t know if the size of 7" is a problem, but i don´t think so. At least for me. Can´t wait to try them out. It´s ok on the sc5000 but the inconsistent jogwheel tension is a bit annoying, and of course the problems with the touch capacitive platter with “poor grounding” are annoying to.

@SonnySeven… i think the same … denon … nice hardware but fix your software problems with engine prime and the sc firmware …

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The third piece of hardware from Denon which is part of the growing family of Engine Prime.

The bigger and bigger the family of machines that use Engine Prime gets, the bigger the number of users who benefit whenever and however and to what degree the Engine Prime software gets expanded upon at any time.

So, although a motorised platter is less important and less functional to me than the round platter display, I completely welcome the 5000M and hope a fifth, sixth, seventh devices follow on in due course.

The giant M isn’t to my taste though.


can i get a version with NO jog wheel and multi-faders/buttons for STEMs and separate layer controls of loops and cues, etc? just don’t need/want jogs adding all the weight and taking up all that space.

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Is it a possibility to trade in the SC5000 for SC5000M ? that will be nice to loyal SC5000 owners

two channel battle mixer to match moving platter will be welcome


Go ask a car dealer the same question…

Both versions will be sold next to each other at more or less the same price (albeit there is a price drop at most resellers for the SC5000 already). So the M is really no successor but an extra (late) choice.

lol you can trade in any car for that matter. i don’t remember writing exchange if it’s what you mean.

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But still, it would be a question directed at your (local) reseller, not the manufacturer.

While I believe that it isn’t likely to see a trade in program from DenonDJ it would be even less likely to see it from the retailer - at least not as an official program for all. Maybe on a case by case…. As this is pratically the same unit and price it targets the same buyer group with a different - as @Reese said - choice in regards to the platter. Don’t think it will help the overall selling numbers.

It would have been more interesting to see a ‘budget’ Version (i.e. SC3000) with a smaller set of features as a kind of entry Level model with a lower price tag to target a different buyer group. Maybe we will see that in the future.

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The manufacturer is the owner of the product and the local dealer is the link between us. The forum is for customer experience and request. if you get that you will understand that this is right place to submit anything regarding the product. If you are getting paid to troll that is a bad investment for your employer… big manufacturer always use that kind of marketing strategy to push some product. It’s up Denon not to @Reese or me so please if you are working for Denon just escalate the request or ignore it. Don’t border to respond to this it’s childish.

Yep. Your last comment also needs to happen plus the mcx8000 firmware release. Otherwise there will be no competition as far as ecosystem is concerned.

Engine Prime needs to step up etc. etc.

Lots of work to be done and not enough patience.

Well, that escalated quickly. Wow.

I don’t work for DenonDJ or InMusic for that matter.

But you’ll probably know more than me on how business and retail works and how to make money…so I’ll keep it shut.