SC5000M and X1800 discontinued

Dear Denon,

I watched several overview video of the latest and shiny 6000s and X1850. I’m happy that you took some of our feedback from the 5000 and used it in designing the 6ks.

Jamie (crossfader) mentioned that the OG 5000 will continue to be available but the x1800 and 5000m are now discontinued.

Can you kindly confirm if this is true or not.

Where do we stand with improvement updates with these two?



Nothing wrong with discontinuation as long as support and improvements are still available.

Hello, hope you are well.

Engine OS (Which is the unified operating system of all these units) will continue to get updates and support regardless of the status of any models.

You can see more details about that and our plans here :slight_smile:


So, at the moment, you neither confirm or infirm that SC5000M or X1800 will be discontinued, because that’s was the question.

I can confirm, they wont be on sale anymore once sold out, but we have an extensive supply of parts and all that is needed to support them ongoing.

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It is good to know that we can rely on parts availability. How about some service manuals for all Denon DJ equipments?

These are provided to all authorized service centers.

Is there a problem in making the service manuals available on-line?

Denon DJ equipments are sold and delivered in all parts of the world and many users have difficulties sending the equipments for repairs in foreign countries, both due to the time and costs involved, especially outside the warranty period.

Over many years of using Denon audio equipments, many of us relied on the availability of these service manuals.